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The Collegiate Networker

Revolutionizing Networking for College Students
We teach college students how to master the art of networking

What is a Collegiate Networker?

A Collegiate Networker is a student who learns how to develop essential networking skills, aiming to discover life-changing opportunities in various aspects of their life and career. By acquiring the practices taught by The Collegiate Networker, our students have the resources to become successful Collegiate Networkers who turn their dreams into reality.
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Diego Rojas

Diego Rojas, a 20-year-old college student, embodies the core qualities of a College Networker. He's known as the youngest elected official in Washington DC's history, having been elected as a Commissioner. Diego is also a two-time author, with his books ranking as top sellers on Amazon. Furthermore, he's a businessman associated with one of the world's leading financial firms. Diego's journey began like that of any typical college student, with few initial connections. However, through years of hard work and mentorship, he's developed a clear plan to build a vast network while still in college.

James Gagliano

James Gagliano is a college student who's proven himself to be an exceptional networker. He's carved out a reputation for himself in the real estate industry, working as a real estate agent at Exp Realty. James embarked on his real estate journey at the age of 19 and has already been part of over 15 transactions in his early career. Apart from his real estate pursuits, James is an active leader at his university, where he serves as a class senator and participates in club hockey. His passion lies in sharing his experiences as a college student with a dream to network and turn it into a reality.

James Gagliano

Diego Rojas is proven to be an elite networker as a college student. He is recognized as the youngest elected official in Washington DC history where he was elected as a Commissioner. He is a 2x Author and Amazon Top Selling Author, and a businessman who is with one of the top financial firms in the world. Diego started out like any other college student with little connections, but through years of hard work and mentorship, he developed a blueprint to build a vast network as a college student. 


Transformative Workshops Teaching College Students
the Art of Networking

Diego Rojas and James Gagliano are sought-after workshop facilitators and keynote speakers. The duo are known for their college successes in business, politics, leadership, and goal setting. As renowned collegiate networkers, Diego and James know what today's college students need to build a strong network that can positively shape their future. The Collegiate Networker offers workshops for all types of groups, whether they're small with just 10 people or large with over 500 attendees. 

Your Network
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Collegiate Networker

Your Future
Taking control of
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Your Story
Learning to tell
Diego and James started out just like any other college student, with few connections and no significant advantages. Through our resources, they will guide you through a step-by-step process to master networking as a college student. They teach from their own experiences, and unlike many, they've been in your shoes before.
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The Collegiate Networker offers workshops for all types of groups, whether they're small with just 10 people or large with over 500 attendees. Diego and James, renowned public speakers, aim to inspire and educate the next generation of networkers through these workshops.
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The Collegiate Networker provides all the resources needed to achieve your most ambitious networking goals. We also  assemble a team that holds you accountable and assists you in turning your dreams into reality.
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A network that cares. You are embarking on a journey with other collegiate networkers and coaches that care about your future and making your networking goals turn into a reality. 
Private Community
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Join Our Community

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"Through an online course, extensive videos, in-person workshops, a workbook, practical exercises, and more, founders Diego Rojas (youngest elected DC Commissioner ever) and Saint Leo University superstar student leader James-Evan Gagliano have designed a well-researched, easily digestible, engaging road map for any college student to learn and practice the art of networking."

Jen Shaw, Phd

Vice President of Student Affairs, Saint Leo University


Interviewing Collegiate Networkers

Featured Articles

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A story of education and connection: The Collegiate Networker
On August 26, business partners and best friends Diego Rojas and James-Evan Gagliano met with over 100 first-year students during orientation to formally introduce their organization. Together with Dr. Jen Shaw, vice president of student affairs, they hope to make a positive difference in the community. 
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Our founder is the youngest elected official in Washington DC, being sworn in at 18. 
Catholic University Freshman Diego Rojas has dipped his feet into college life and local politics in the nation's capital. At 18 years old, he is believed to be the youngest elected official in Washington, D.C.
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Ready to Become a Collegiate Networker?

The Collegiate Networker Course exceeded my expectations with its detailed, engaging, and practical approach. It equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to network effectively at a high level. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to boost their networking skills and career prospects.
The Collegiate Networker Course created an incredible community of aspiring networkers, offering valuable connections and support. Through this course, I not only gained practical networking skills but also became part of a network of like-minded individuals, making the experience truly enriching and empowering.
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