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All Star Coaching

Learn to master the art of networking as a college student. 
Collegiate Networker

Free Workshop

11/7 at 4:00 PM

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Collegiate Networker
Blueprint to Success

teaches you the fundamental formula that 
the worlds best networkers have used to 
succeed in all areas of life. 
Your Story
Learning to tell
Your Network
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Your Future
Taking control of
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Your time is precious. Instead of spending time searching for all the information, our Collegiate Networker Course, workbook, and resources teach you the art of networking step by step, so you have more time to go out there and take action. 
Save Time
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Stay aligned with your networking goals as a college student. Our coaches and your fellow collegiate networkers hold you accountable so you will always stay focused on your goals. 
Better Accountability
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Every college student is in a different situation. Get questions answered on group Zoom calls with The Collegiate Networker team, and continue to perfect your networking skills with follow up calls to check in on your progress. 
Your Questions
A network that cares. You are embarking on a journey with other collegiate networkers and coaches that care about your future and making your networking goals turn into a reality. 
Private Community
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100+ Minutes of Video Lessons
  • 100 minutes of comprehensive online learning material

  • Build an unbreakable networking strategy with 5 steps

  • Accessible from anywhere and on any device

  • Self-paced interactive learning for convenience

  • Collegiate Networker Certified upon completion

8 Page Workbook
  • Concise summaries for each video lesson

  • Reinforces key concepts learned in the course

  • Exercises and activities to aid in retention

  • Available 24/7 for online and print usage
Weekly Training Video
  • Every week, Diego and James produce a training video focused on practical topics for your college networking career.

  • In our All Star Coaching program, you'll continuously receive valuable knowledge and insights from top-notch networkers for guaranteed success.

Monthly Group Zoom
  • Personalized insights with world-class collegiate networkers, Diego Rojas and James Gagliano 

  • Customized strategies that build on material taught in The Collegiate Networker Course

  • Continuous feedback to refine your skills

  • Networking opportunities with likeminded peers

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To learn more about the All Star Program, schedule a 
Free Strategy Call
The Collegiate Networker Course exceeded my expectations with its detailed, engaging, and practical approach. It equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to network effectively at a high level. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to boost their networking skills and career prospects.
The Collegiate Networker Course created an incredible community of aspiring networkers, offering valuable connections and support. Through this course, I not only gained practical networking skills but also became part of a network of like-minded individuals, making the experience truly enriching and empowering.
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