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Our Story

The Collegiate Networker began with two 18-year-old college students who had a bold dream: to revolutionize networking for their peers. Diego Rojas and James-Evan Gagliano started with limited connections and little recognition. Over six years, they sought mentorship, built positive relationships, and gained wisdom from top networkers worldwide. Today, they are successful young professionals with extensive networks and stellar reputations. Diego made history as the youngest elected official in Washington DC and works with a renowned Private Wealth Advisor at UBS. James-Evan thrives in real estate as a rising star realtor at LPT Realty. Their journey was challenging, filled with early mornings and late nights. However, they developed a process any college student can follow. The Collegiate Networker was born from their dream to teach fellow students their networking strategy in a simple yet effective way. Through years of mentoring, Diego and James-Evan have guided numerous students who have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their professional lives.The Collegiate Networker is built on a foundation of excellence, and its strategy has stood the test of time.

Meet Our Co-Founder 
Diego Rojas

Diego Rojas, the Co-Founder of The Collegiate Networker, is widely recognized as the youngest elected official in Washington DC history, showcasing exceptional leadership abilities and a strong commitment to community service as a Washington DC Commissioner. In addition to his political achievements, Diego is a celebrated 2x Author and Amazon Top Selling Author, captivating readers with profound insights on personal growth and networking mastery. With a background in UBS Private Wealth Management, working under one of the nation’s preeminent private wealth advisors and financiers, Diego brings a wealth of expertise in networking with professionals at the highest level. As the Chairman of the Catholic University Finance Institute and a member of the Men's Golf Team at Catholic University, Diego plays a pivotal role in shaping the present and future of his university through his stellar leadership and innovative ideas. Through The Collegiate Networker, Diego is on a mission to inspire and empower students by helping them unlock their full networking potential during their college years.


OUR World Class Team

"As the CEO of The Collegiate Networker, I am committed to building a team that is comprised of the very best to help our students master the art of networking. By using the strategy laid out in our program, I have had life-changing opportunities open up, such as becoming a successful Realtor at Exp Reality. On a weekly basis, we work with over 5 professional consultants and partner with the top universities to make The Collegiate Networker the best networking program in the world!"

- James Gagliano, CEO 

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